How To Dye A Human Hair Wig At Home

Hello, Megalook girls, Summer is here, and some of you must be preparing for your vacation. What is indispensable must be a dazzling wig. Although there are many colors of wigs to choose from at Megalook, sometimes you may want to personalize the color to suit your taste.

So you may consider dyeing your wig at home, but you are afraid of staining the lace. Now we will guide you in this article on how to dye a Megalook Human Hair Wig at home, even beginners can do it. Of course, Megalook Wig is 100% human hair, which will allow the dye to penetrate better and get the best effect! Now let's get started!!!

Prepare a 613 blonde wig first

Can Dye to Pink Blue Green purple silver ginger orange Gold Color

Generally speaking, it will be easier to dye a #613 blonde wig the first time. This is because it is the lightest wig color and the dye will take to it better. So you can skip the bleaching step. Make sure your lace front wig is in good condition so you can dye it almost any color you can think of.

Other materials you need to prepare

  1. Hair Dye: Select a premium hair dye in the color you want. Verify if it works well with human hair.
  2. Applicator Brush: This tool aids in uniformly dispersing the dye throughout the wig.
  3. Plastic Bowl: Combine the dye and developer in a non-metallic bowl.
  4. Gloves: Protect your hands from the dye by wearing gloves throughout the process.
  5. Plastic Wrap or Shower Cap: Putting a shower cap or plastic wrap on the wig after dying increases the dye's absorption power.
  6. Wide-Tooth Comb: This will ensure that the dye is distributed evenly and assist in detangling the wig.

Preparing your wig for dyeing

Wash your wig thoroughly in warm water with a sulfate-free shampoo. It is important to deep condition your wig because dyes can damage it. But don't use conditioner because it may cause the cuticle to close, making it difficult to penetrate the hair. After washing, gently wipe the blonde wig with a dry towel and place it on a wig stand to dry naturally, or use a hair dryer on low if you are in a hurry. After the hair is dry, gently comb out any tangles or knots in the wig with a wide-tooth comb. This will make dyeing easier.

Note: Protect the lace

Since dye stains cannot be easily removed, the entire lace front wig may be ruined if you stain the lace. Fortunately, here are some tips to avoid it. You can apply a thick layer of Vaseline on the front lace and parting line. Be careful not to apply Vaseline to the fabric part of the wig. Or apply a thick layer of hairspray on the inside of the wig and leave enough time for it to dry and harden before dyeing. You can also use a strong hairspray to apply around the hairline of the lace and wait for it to dry.

Now let's start dyeing


  • Step 1. Divide the wig into 4 to 6 separate sections depending on the amount of hair.
  • Step 2. Wear gloves and use a dye brush to apply the dye to the hair strands. Start at the bottom and work from the roots to the tips.
  • Step 3. Use a small brush and be careful not to touch the lace when you get close to the area around the lace. Also, avoid touching the wig cap.
  • Step 4. Once the dye is completely applied to the wig, use a comb or wig brush to evenly apply the dye to the entire wig and make sure the dye is evenly applied to the entire wig.This will help the dyed hair look more natural, which is crucial for human hair wigs.

After completing the above process, you only need to wait 30 to 40 minutes for the color to set. When the time is up, rinse the wig thoroughly with shampoo and deep condition the wig tips to reduce chemical damage. You can then dry the wig as you would a regular wig.



After reading this article, I am sure you must be full of confidence that it is time to dye your Megalook wig at home by yourself. Hopefully, you can do it and are ready to embrace a brand new look that shows off your unique style.