Tips For Wearing Comfortable Wigs

    Whether you wear a wig every day or just for special occasions, comfort should be your priority. But how do you wear a wig properly? There are various styles and types of wigs, how do you choose wigs? Don't worry, here are important tips to help improve the overall comfort of your wig so you can feel your best.

Wear the Wig Correctly

    Start with the basics of wearing a wig. Because there may be some newbies.

    First prepare your wig cap. Fix the front part of the wig cap on your forehead. The inside of the wig cap should be placed above your eyebrows to keep it in place, then place the back of the wig cap on your head, all the way to the back of your neck. Tuck the excess hair under the wig cap at the back. Push the front of the wig back until it meets your natural hairline. Make sure the sides of the wig cap are tucked behind your ears.

    Put on your wig. Locate the wig label. This helps distinguish the front of the wig from the back. The label is located on the back of the wig. Before putting on your wig, grab the ear points on the side of the cap structure and place the tab on top. Secure the front of the wig to the forehead, just above the eyebrows. Pull the wig over the top of your head. Flip the hair back.

    Switch and align the ear points to position the wig. Gently pull the two ear points to position the wig until it feels comfortable on your head. The ear points should be aligned with each other and close to your ears.

    Holding the top of the wig, pull the back of the wig to the back of the neck. Hold the top of the wig firmly with one hand and pull the back of the wig down with the other hand so that the wig fits securely around your entire head.

Measure the Size of Your Head

    If your wig cap is too large, the wig will not feel secure and will move around on your scalp. If it is too small, your head will feel tense and restricted. Only the perfect size will be comfortable for a long time. If you are in the pre-purchase stage, be sure to measure your head correctly so you can buy the right size. Wearing the wrong size wig can have a huge impact on your comfort while wearing it.

    Prepare a tape measure. First, push your hair back so that it does not add length or volume. Place the tape measure in the middle of your natural hairline, facing either direction, and then begin to extend the tape measure from behind your ears to the back of your neck, and then back to the starting point, again from behind your ears.

    Take two measurements to ensure that you get the same result twice.After you get the measurements, ask customer service to get the right wig for you.

Choose the Right Wig

    Choosing the right wig will greatly increase your confidence. This will increase your acceptance of wearing a wig. Because you will be satisfied with the choice you have made and be sure that it suits your natural features, the color is there in the style you like. You can also choose to match your original hair color or try a new color depending on how you feel.

Choose a Shorter Style

    Short hair is lighter and has less volume. Short hair also creates less stress on the hair. From pixie cuts to long bobbed hair, choosing a shorter wig is a great way to change up your look and stay cooler in the warmer months.

    If you're comfortable with short hair, you'll get the best results with shorter-than-shoulder styles. Keeping your hair away from your neck will help you stay comfortable when you're out and about in the summer.

Invest in the Right Care Products

    Proper care products are essential if you want to extend the life of your wig and keep it beautiful. Synthetic wigs require care products that are specifically formulated for synthetic hair.

    For real hair wigs, choose sulfate-free care products or products formulated for color-treated hair to keep the color vibrant and long-lasting. And don't over-comb and tear your wig. When you encounter tangles, you should first use your fingers to untangle them, and then comb them with a wide-tooth comb.

Choose A Quality Wig

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