5 Cute & Easy Ways to Style Your Curls For Summer

As summer is approaching, I thought I’d show you – my fellow curly girl the 5 cute and easy ways to style your curls for summer.

We see so many trends across the globe and in person when we’re walking down the street of beautiful curly girls with the most cutest and chic-est hairstyles that are perfect for the summer.

It’s no wonder some of our straight-haired sisters are perming and curling right now! Summer is here and the curls are out.

Here are 5 cute and easy ways you can style your curls for summer :

Style your curls with a headband: 

Probably one of the most easiest option on this list; styling your curls with a headband is a simple yet a highly stylish way to show your appreciation of the summer and look good whilst doing it.

Wearing headbands over your curls makes it look like you put effort and time into grooming and taking care of your hair – even if you didn’t.


Or a bandana:

Similar to the point made above, use a bandana to style your curls this summer. The great thing about bandanas are that you can style it in anyway you want.

You can use a bandana to protect your hair from the humidity and wear it for fashion purposes so you get the best of both worlds.

You can also wear it as a headband or as a cap or as a rubber band holding your hair up. Silk bandanas leave you spoilt for choice so you can decide on a hairstyle that you’re feeling that day!

The baseball cap low-bun hairstyle:

The infamous baseball cap low-bun. So casual yet so cute and chic. Whether you’re running errands or playing your favourite sport in the summer heat; the baseball cap low-bun always wins.

The iconic duo of a hat and curls is one of my summer favourites. You don’t have to forsaken your luscious curls when wearing a hat.

Simply put it into a low bun when carrying out activites and leave some pieces out in the front to show off your beautiful curls whether its spirals, coils or waves!

P.s: try find a cap with a satin base to prevent frizz.

The half up & Half down curly hairstyle:

Easy and classic, this hairstyle is famous from the 90’s worn by some of the worlds most famous stars such as Mariah Carey.

Although sometimes difficult to do (in my opinion), I cannot help but love this simple yet cute hairstyle because our curls look just as great up as they do down.

You’re sure to thank yourself for keeping your hair out of your face on those hot days whilst showcasing your crown full of curls.  

Accessorise with butterfly clips:

Perhaps the most decorative piece on this list is the butterfly clips

Channel into your inner feminine with clips that frame your face without disrupting your curl pattern or causing frizz.

A lightweight accessory that gives you a chic, playful and cute aesthetic works wonderfully with your curly hair as you embrace the hot, sunny weather.

You can even choose any clip of your liking to match your OOTD and aesthetic to create a whole new cute and easy hairstyle for the summer.

The take-away here is that decorative clips make for a great and cute hairstyle for the summer and it doesn’t have to be butterfly clips specifically, you can choose any clip you want.

If your hair gets sometimes unmanageable in the heat; then you can simply put a headband in your hair to keep it out of your face.

Practical & stylish! What’s better than that?


In conclusion, 5 easy and cute ways to style your curls for summer are:

  1. Use headbands.
  2. Wear bandana’s. 
  3. Do the half-up, half-down hairstyle.
  4. Do the baseball cap low-bun hairstyle.
  5. Use few decorative hair clips.

Those are the 5 cute and extremely easy ways to style your curls for summer in which some tips don’t cause frizz, preserves the way your curls have been styled and also protects it from humidity.

Ensure that you use satin bandana’s, headbands, scrunchies and even try to find satin based caps to preserve your curls in the way they’ve been styled and to prevent frizz.

Let me know in the comment section below what your thoughts are on these 5 easy and cute ways to style your curls this summer and comment on whether you’ve got any more curly hairstyles that would be cute and easy this summer!