The Sexy Magic of Long Layered Hair

Do you find your long hair too boring? Are you unsure about how to style your long hair? Well, you are in the right place!


Layers and long hair go hand in hand. Layered hair styles texture and movement are way cooler than hair that is of one length. Keep reading to discover the magic of long layered hair and add life to your hair.


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Types Of Layered Hair

1. Flattering Layered Hair Styles

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Flattering Layered Hairstyle


Face framing layers slim, lengthen, or shorten the face shape. They will hide the flaws you see with your face and draw attention to your best facial features. They soften prominent jaw lines and bring attention to your eyes.


It is a great way to hide your wrinkles and scars. They can add the appearance of width to a narrow face or length to a round one. Women with long faces benefit the most from the layered hairstyle. It enhances your long face. If you have a round face, avoid layers that fall above your chins.


2. Added Volume And Body

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Added Volume And Body


A Layered hair style is a perfect solution for both thick and thin hair. It gives an illusion of your body to your thin hair and gives you a vibrant look.


When your layers grow, they add a lot of volume without much weight. This envious hair still remains manageable.


3. Different Hairstyles For Different Occasions

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Hairstyles For Different Occasions


Layered hair styles are incredibly versatile and can be styled into a wide variety of hairstyles for both casual and formal affairs. For instance, you can curl it, straighten it or hold it up into buns and ponytail hairstyles.


It is hard to believe how such a simple thing like adding a variety of lengths can create a vibrant look.


4. Low-Maintenance

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Layered Hairstyles


Long and short layered hair styles are not just good for your looks but they also help you with your busy schedule. Your hair naturally falls into soft curly hair and your shorter layers frames your face when you tie it into a ponytail.


You don’t have to style your hair everyday because it looks effortlessly stylish.


Now that you know the advantages of layers, pick up the scissors and follow these steps to cut your hair into layers at home.


  1. Apply leave-in conditioner to your damp hair to protect your hair from breakage while combing.
  2. Gently comb your hair
  3. Part your hair to your desired side/ part to make your layers fall naturally around your face.
  4. Grab your hair cutting scissors and start layering.
  5. Grab a section of hair, make it smooth, twist it outward, and cut it downward.
  6. Run your fingers through the layers to make your hair even on both side


Tip: Deep condition your hair at least once a week to keep your hair shiny and smooth with minimum effort.



Sexy, long layered hair never goes out of style. They are easy to wear and easy to care for. Follow the above mentioned steps and make your friends envious of your sexy long layered hair.